It's a rare rainy Friday afternoon here in San Diego, and I spent half the day today setting up this journal for Initial Commit (IC). Now that I have a place to scribble my thoughts, I will try to add a short entry here each day.

I created IC over 2 years ago as a single product page for my Git book. Its short-term purpose was to help curious developers learn how Git's code works. Luckily, at that time the domain was available so I was able to snag it for cheap on Unfortunately, initialcommit.COM was taken and the owner wanted $400K for it. Yeah. Um. Nah.

Since then, my modest site has evolved to include 2 other books, a developer blog with over 250 posts, ~1/2 a million organic unique users per year, and is finally generating a bit of passive income. My long term goal is now to provide coding resources and tools for developers of all skill levels. This is pretty broad, but hopefully will get more specific as times goes by.

I started out not knowing much, besides being a fairly proficient coder. Over the past 2 years I've dabbled in SEO, marketing, content writing, advertising, and other areas to try and grow this site. I've made a slew of big mistakes, few good decisions, and have learned a lot. I'm still learning a lot each time I try something new especially when something I try fails. Which is most of the time.

In mid-2020, I acquired a developer blog - - on Flippa to bolt onto IC and boost our traffic. This worked out quite well, and in 2021 I acquired a Java blog - I call this method "bolting on blogs" and will talk about it more in a future entry.

Rewinding back to 2020, I acquired a minimalist online store platform that didn't quite pan out.

Right now I'm working on the 3rd book in our lineup: Decoding Bitcoin, which is available for preorder now. Much like my Git book, it will help curious developers learn how a popular open source project's code actually works.

Well, that's about all for now. It's always a good feeling when the toughest decision you need to make for the rest of the night is what beer to grab from the fridge. Until tomorrow!