As promised, here is an update on the ad campaigns I've been running for my 2 books, Baby Git Guidebook for Developers and Coding Essentials Guidebook for Developers.

These campaigns have been running on Facebook, Amazon, and Reddit (with the same $$ spend on each platform) since September 18th, so they've been live for about 9 days. Here are the impressions and click stats for various platforms so far:

Baby GitCoding Essentials
Facebook111 clicks / 2,425 impressions = 4.6%71 clicks / 2,417 impressions = 2.9%
Amazon34 clicks / 7,880 impressions = 0.4%34 clicks / 7,880 impressions = 0.4%
Reddit78 clicks / 28,557 impressions = 0.2%125 clicks / 35,663 impressions = 0.4%

Note: I realized I created the Amazon ads for both books as a part of a single "ad group". Apparently, this prevents viewing of individual stats, so I just divided the totals by 2, which is why the numbers for both books are the same for Amazon.

At a glance, these numbers seem to indicate that Facebook is much more efficient at showing my ads to folks who are likely to click them. However, Amazon and Reddit have reached a much larger audience in absolute terms.

These campaigns are set to run through October 1st, so once that's done I'll post some juicier findings, including total impressions and clicks for each ad/platform, how much I spent on each one, how much I sold, whether I broken even, and what I learned.