This morning I joined a webinar led by Sahil Lavingia, the founder and CEO of Gumroad. The topic was about his new book The Minimalist Entrepreneur.

It was interesting to listen to because apparently a blog post he wrote about failing to build a billion dollar company a few years ago was picked up by a publisher, who basically offered him a book deal. This came with some nice perks like a sizable sum of cash from the publisher and a team of expert editors to assist in the writing process.

This is very different from the path I took to self-publish the books I sell on this site. My process is to pick software dev topics that I think are cool and add value for my audience. Then I use open-source command-line tools to compile the content, sometimes working with authors on to put together the content.

I cover the costs for the books myself, including cover design, paying authors, and sometimes formatting/layout assistance. I'm learning that target audience and ability to connect with them is a major part of the process, and am trying multiple methods to boost awareness of my products.

I do have to give Sahil credit - his story with Gumroad is both impressive and very interesting. I'm glad to see that Gumroad appears to be thriving and will explore ways to generate sales on the platform, since the fees are much lower than Amazon KDP which takes approximately a 50% cut off the top line.