Tag Git Commits Using Version Numbers in Commit Messages
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Find and tag Git commits based on version numbers in commit messages.

If you're like me, you often add the version number for a commit into the commit message itself, something like:

$ git commit -m "Bump version to 2.1.5"

If you're still like me you probably forget to create a tag for the new version and push it to the remote repository. I end up having projects that have many un-tagged commits from months or years ago that never get real tags.

I created git-tagup to conveniently search through the active branch in a Git repository and find un-tagged commits containing version numbers in the commit message. For each one it finds, the tool asks the user whether they want to create a tag for it.

Currently only SemVer versioning format is supported, but I'm happy to take requests for other formats.

Happy tagging!


  • Python 3.6 or greater
  • Pip (Package manager for Python)


1) Install git-tagup:

$ pip install git-tagup

2) Browse to the Git repository you want to add tags to - this is usually your project root directory containing the .git directory:

$ cd path/to/project/root

3) Run the program:

$ git-tagup

4) If version numbers are found in the commit messages, answer the prompts with a y to create the tag or n to skip it.

5) Don't forget to push the new tags to your remote when done!

$ git push --followtags


$ cd path/to/project/root
$ git-tagup
Create the tag 'v0.1.1' for commit message 'Bump version to 0.1.1'? (y/n/q): n
Create the tag 'v0.1.2' for commit message 'Bump version to 0.1.2'? (y/n/q): y
Create the tag 'v0.1.3' for commit message 'Bump version to 0.1.3'? (y/n/q): q


$ pip install git-tagup

Learn More

Learn more about this project on the git-tagup BitBucket page or on the Python Package Index (PyPI).