We built the Initial Commit CMS (Content Management System) from the ground up to efficiently manage the initialcommit.com website. The platform is now available for you to make use of as well! We make it easy to spin up a website with all the pieces you need to get started on the web. Our platform is built with Java and the Spring Boot framework. Email us to get started!

Image of the Initial Commit CMS

What is Initial Commit CMS?

Initial Commit CMS (Content Management System) is a website hosting service on our custom platform. Yes, we host our own website on it! For a small monthly fee, we host your website and provide the tools for you to build your content. All you need to do is point your domain to us, and we handle the rest. The platform currently includes the ability to customize your pages via content blocks and appearance settings, upload images, build out a blog, add products to a store, configure Google Analytics tracking, Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate linking, integrate social media accounts, optimized on-page SEO, and more. We are adding new features every day based on client recommendations. We will personally help you get started with on-boarding Zoom sessions as needed.

Who is this service for?

  • We host your custom website
  • Point your domain to us, and start building your content!
  • Customize your pages via content blocks and appearance settings
  • Upload images
  • Write and publish blog posts
  • Create products and sell them in a web store
  • Enable Google Analytics tracking
  • Monetize with Google Adsense Ads and Amazon Affiliate links
  • Integrate social media accounts
  • Optimized on-page SEO
  • and more...

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