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We have reviewed the top 5 best books for learning Python programming. And Let's be honest, learning python can be hard. Python might be your first programming language, and you might be very close to throwing your computer out the window. These books will set you up for success with the Python programming language. These books are excellent for beginners to expert programmers. These books are based on trusted community reviews and provide high-quality content.

1. Learning Python

Learning Python will help you write effecient, high-quality python code. It is extremely well written and includes a full in-depth introduction into python programming. You will breeze through your python courses and projects by learning python with this book. It teaches how to approach coding problems laterally and how to focus on writing quality code. This book is a hands-on book, helping you effectively improve your python skills.

2. Think Python

Think Python is another great beginner book. It's an introduction to programming AND an introduction to python. This book contains exercises to complete in every chapter, and you will find that you will get good at python in a very short period of time. This book covers the basics really well, including how to understand python syntax and semantics, how to work with databases and files, how to build a user interface and other fundamentals. This book is a great python introductory resource.

3. Python in a nutshell

Python in a nutshell is fast-paced. It is jam-packed with tutorials and extensive explanations of Python. This book is a great reference book - you will definetly learn from this book. It is one of those must-have books and great to have there when you need it. This book will help you solve hard python problems and it focuses heavily on Object-oriented (OOP) Python. OOP can be used in other languages which are more complex and require a high understanding of Object-oriented programming.

4. Effective Python

Effective Python focuses on how to write python well. Anyone can write python code, but not anyone can write it well. Effective Python will help you become a great python coder. It builds knowledge of algorithms, objects, concurrency, collaboration, and production techniques. This book offers practical advice for both Python 3 and Python 2. Understanding both versions of python will help you to become an effective python programmer.

5. Learn Python the Hard Way

Learn Python the Hard Way is the Python version in the "Learn the Hard Way" series. This book is a practical python book which provides examples to work through in your own time. It will give you a good understand of what type of mistakes people make when programming and how to fix those mistakes to become a professional programmer.


Python is a great programming language to learn how to program. It is very easy to understand when you have the right resources. You can use it to build powerful software applications. These books will help you get your python knowledge to the next level.

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