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Chess and programming

Chess is an old, classic game which is great for passing the time. Did you know Chess actually builds the same skills you use while programming? Someone asked on Quora, does Chess really does make you become a better programmer and the response was amazing. Most people suggest there is a significant overlap of skills between programming and chess.

Alan Turing, a famous Computer Scientist, was the first person to design "computer chess" by writing a program that was capable of playing a FULL game of chess. Alan Turing provided a significant amount of research into the field of Artificial Intelligence, including the famous "Turing test", which tests if an AI robot is indistinguishable from a human.

There are several great tutorials on programming a chess game for yourself. It's an excellent way to improve your coding skills by designing chess from the ground up. We recommend starting simple and working up to AI in Chess. It's a perfect game to practice AI programming skills if you already know the game well.

There are some decent books out there on improving your chess skills. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess is an old-time classic, still relevant to this day. It provides strategic advice on how to move your chess pieces effectively. The best-selling chess book of all time.

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