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During these tough times, it is important to stay calm and keep going. Many people have recently been laid off due to a global pandemic - the coronavirus, or "COVID-19". This is a software developers' guide to finding light through these dark times, keeping yourself financially afloat if all goes to proverbial s-h-*-t. Otherwise, for those reading who still have their jobs - great news! This is plan B. Apply common sense as need be.

Apply! Apply! Apply!

Get knocked down? Get back up again. The first thing is first is always be applying for new roles that pop up. Tech support, Database admin, anything that you might be qualified in - know how to do - or want to try. This is the time not to be choosy, but to choose.

Freelance market

The freelance market at the moment is absolutely thriving. It is called "the gig economy" and boi oh boi is there work. It's worth more than a shot to start here if have been recently unemployed. is one of the best platforms out there at the moment, to pick up task-related works. Otherwise, Toptal is also another great avenue to venture into with a plethora of tech-related companies hiring software developers who can write code proficiently. This is certainly a great place to start.


Students around the world are screaming out for help. Coding is one of the most difficult skills to learn in the modern era. Why not teach a little? If this helps.

Why not see if you can put an ad up for teaching/mentoring? You can also do this over Zoom which allows you to work from home.

Local trades

Back in the old days, they used to trade steel for leather. This concept still remains relevant today, well, kind of. You have skills in-demand such as creating websites, building software products, technical troubleshooting, etc. These skills are highly in-demand, particularly by small businesses alike. Finding out what others are willing to trade and then negotiating a middle-ground will certainly gain you solid progress.

Applying outside of the field

I know this seems wild - but applying outside the field for temporary work until this chaos blows over. Another way to pay the never-ending bill cycle.

Here is a great website on finding positions quick - Entry Level IO.

Growing new skills

And hey guys... if all else fails, this is an excellent time to stay ahead of the bell curve by learning something new! Many of you are locked up in quarantine with some time on your hands. Why not learn a new skill which will make you more employable in 1-2-6 months' time down the track?


In this article, we discussed a few ways for software developers to succeed professionally during the current Coronavirus crisis.

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