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Many people think that starting a business means that you need some big idea first. This is totally wrong. If you're an employed software developer, or freelancer (even better), then you might be in a great position to start a business. Often there are tax breaks and discounts associated with actually owning a business. Government benefits if you employ people - providing them with work to carry out day-to-day. And if you don't make any money... Then at the very least, it is a learning experience.

Business knowledge = better software

Learning about Business helps you build better software. By owning a business you have more incentive to want to learn how it works. And since you have knowledge of the development side, you can play the do-er AND the task-setter. Interestingly enough, I believe it improves your Software skills by understanding both sides.

When handed a Software specification - filling in ambiguities becomes easier. Why? Because you understand their goals and can translate what they need into technical capabilities. Knowing what questions to ask is also another factor of what helps to develop better Software. If the right questions are asked early on, then, later on, is a much better time.


There are a number of discounts that come with owning a business, as well as, taxation deductions (depending on where you live). Business discounts on Amazon can help you save money on office supplies, computers, gadgets, and other items you need for development.

Banks also offer business loans and finance, providing deals around certain times of the year. These loans are generally good for business expenses such as subscriptions and employing staff members. There are many more discounts to discover.

Manage your own income

One excellent benefit of owning your own business is that if your business gets paid - then you have transparency of how much money is being paid. You will be required to pay taxes on earnings of course, but you can manage your money as you please.


Thought of your big idea yet? If not, that's ok. Ideas might come along the way, and you have the freedom to execute your ideas when you see fit. This is a benefit of owning a business as a developer - say, for example, you have been working contractually for some years at a Software company and one day you think of an idea for an app. Since you have an existing business setup, you will find it easier to understand how to position the app in the market AND... understand the process of getting the app in front of people's eyes.


Hey, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the article. Starting a business is daunting for some, but as I said, being a developer - there are some great advantages to consider. The learning experience is valuable as it provides an understanding of where software sits within the business ecosystem. Lastly, there is no rush on your big idea - let it come to you!

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