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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most emerging fields in Computer Science in 2019. With this comes lots of noise from large companies, media, education sectors - all to sell their own Artificial Intelligence course. In this article, all the b*llshit courses are stripped away and we will focus on the 7 best courses available in 2019, giving you the best chance to become an expert in Artificial Intelligence. Firstly, yes you can learn Artificial Intelligence. It's very possible. And remember we're still in the early days of Artificial Intelligence. So if you are naturally an explorer or an adventurer, then it's a great field for finding new ground fast. Artificial Intelligence is a great field to build A.I applications, find an A.I job, or pursue a fulfilling career in A.I. These courses are highly reviewed and well respected by top computer scientists and revered members of the software community.

1. Google AI - Artificial Intelligence Course

Google AI (Education) is by far the best place to start learning Artificial Intelligence. The content is developed by experts at Google, which is simple, easy-to-read, and will take you from knowing nothing to getting a firm grasp of the basics. I personally find when taking a course that well-presented information and documentation really make a big difference to my learning outcome. The quality of the courses provided by Google is second to none. They provide visual, auditory, demonstrations, and exercises to complete for a wide variety of learners. This is the best place to start if you want to get your feet wet in the Artificial Intelligence field.

2. Nvidia AI course

The Nvidia Deep Learning course aims to train you to solve the world's most challenging problems. Nvidia has invested hard in Artificial Intelligence and it really shows. Their graphics cards have essentially dominated the consumer market and what do they have in terms of technology? Artificial Intelligence. Growing teams of experts in Artificial Intelligence, it is no surprise that this course delivers great value for people wishing to learn Artificial Intelligence. If you're a hands-on learner, this is a great course to take to work through A.I problems to increase your skills and build a better knowledge-base.

3. Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course

Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course is probably one of the most popular courses by an independent Artificial Intelligence (A.I) teacher. He has worked with China's Baidu within their A.I research division and can express A.I content in a simplified manner, which many people can understand. Most Machine Learning experts have taken or at least heard of Andrew's course as it one of the most widely available courses when A.I really started to take off. This course is great to take if you're looking to relate to existing A.I engineers and learn the nuts-and-bolts of A.I. Did I mention that it's free? Yes - it's free. You can find his course over here. In the end, if you want some proof that you completed the course you can purchase the course certification.

4. Artificial Intelligence Certification by Columbia University (edX)

Columbia University has published an online paid A.I course. The course provides students with a solid understanding of the guiding principles of AI. There is some application of concepts of A.I and Machine Learning to real-life problems - which is certainly helpful if you are planning to become an A.I engineer. There is a component inside the course to design and harness the power of Neural Networks to do outstanding work. Other topics the course touches on is an exploration of the fields of robotics, vision, and physical simulation. Many companies today are combining these fields with A.I to improve their workflows and create amazing products. If you don't feel comfortable with free courses, then this course is certainly great to take to help you develop quality skills in Artificial Intelligence.

5. TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence

TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence by (Coursera) is aimed at software developers who are looking to upgrade their skills build powerful Artificial Intelligence. It focuses on using an open-source framework Tensorflow. The framework or tool has been built by Google developers, inside the Google brain team. Many companies leverage this tool to build extremely good Artificial Intelligent agents. It is also kinda specialized, so if you want to set yourself outside the pack, and cut your own way, then becoming an expert with this tool could be quite useful. This course is recommended to 1. get really good at an A.I tool and 2. to learn A.I. A double whammy.

6. MIT Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

Are you a car fan? This course focuses on the technology behind self-driving cars, and how to build them well. Deep Learning is a specialty field within Artificial Intelligence, so beware you won't come out a complete A.I expert, however, the course might strike your interest in applying A.I to a cool, new-aged application. The course is free, so no major investment you need to provide up-front. It's taught by an A.I lecturer who is well-known, and MIT is certainly one of the prestigious education providers in the world. This course is filled with quality content so you can enjoy following along. A great free course.

7. Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree

Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree is a 10-week free course. It's delivered online on Udacity, a great platform for online courses. The course itself is taught by engineers, some ex-googlers, it's a good course which has been reviewed very highly in the community. It covers only Machine Learning, not the full-breadth of Artificial Intelligence, however, it's still a good course for applying A.I to solve real-world problems. You can set your own pace too and there is a community to interact with. You can speak to other students studying the nano-degree and network with each other. It is a structured course and has specific learning outcomes. This is another good freebie.


These are the top 7 online courses for Artificial Intelligence in 2019. I hope you enjoyed this review, please hit the share buttons if you like this review. Also, remember to keep your learning goals in-mind before selecting the right course for you. Happy learning!

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