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This tutorial describes how to launch Putty from WinSCP.

You could face a situation where you saved your credentials in a WinSCP session and then forgot them after some time.

Don’t worry, you can still use these saved credentials to launch a Putty session without any password prompt, just follow the steps below.

#1 WinSCP Preferences

Login with the saved WinSCP session, then go to Options -> Preferences.


Select Integration -> Applications


Then make sure to set the correct path of your putty.exe file, and tick on the “Remember session password and pass it to Putty” checkbox as illustrated in the picture above.

Click “OK”.

#2 Launch Putty from WinSCP

Now back to the home screen, launch the Putty application by clicking on the below icon:


That’s it, here you go.


This tutorial describes how to launch Putty from WinSCP.

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